fantasy sports meetups

Text here describes the fantasy sports meetups at CH56. Below is example text from a dedicated sports bar ( for ideas. They offer some nice perks to their regulars:





Registered leagues compete for the following (Points are earned by spending $$$ at The Post):

1) MVP Card Credits - Earn $5 MVP card credits for the following:

  • After registering your MVP Card
  • After every $100 spent
  • After every 10 visits.

2) League Champion Recognition - Your league champion is rewarded with these during your league’s draft at The Post the following draft season.

  • Championship Plaque
  • Championship Cheesesteak & Beverage

3) MVL (Most Valuable League) Competition - Season long competition whereas the  top ranked league at each Post location at season’s end receives:

  • Commemorative Trophy:  11.5 inch Resin trophy on a 5.5 inch genuine walnut base. Trophy is showcased at The Post and is updated with your league’s champion year after year.
  • Pizza & Pitcher party for all registered league members.

4) MVL Monthly Challenge - Monthly competition between all registered leagues at The Post.  Top ranked team at the end of each month receives:

  • Pizza & Pitcher party for all registered league members.

5) MVP Race – Top spending individual customer over the course of the calendar year receives a trip to Hawaii! Check out the real time standings at any time!


Registered leagues operate as they ordinarily would… on the fantasy site of your choice along with the league settings of your choice.  Registered leagues compete against each other throughout the season based on how many points they accumulate at The Post.  Points are gained by purchasing food & drink at The Post.  See the Prizes & Awards section above for what your league has to gain by registering.


     STEP #1:  League Commissioner (or another league member) picks up an MVP card at The Post and registers league online (See registering a fantasy league tutorial)

     STEP #2:  League Members pick up MVP cards at The Post and register online.  Must use League ID number provided to League Commissioner at the time of league registration (See joining a fantasy league tutorial)

  • League registration is FREE!!!
  • It is not required that your league draft at The Post in order to register your league (Of course with our draft setup why wouldn’t you draft at The Post!?!)
  • League registration is not required in order to hold your league’s draft at The Post (With all of the added benefits of registering however, there’s really no reason not to register)


  • Remember to provide your MVP Card to your waitress/bartender each and every visit
  • Bring in a group of family & friends (happy hour, birthday party, etc.) and keep it on one tab in order to maximize points on your card in a big way… for your league as well as yourself
  • If your fantasy sports league wins any of our contests, we reserve the right to verify that your league exists and that the league members on our site are league members on your fantasy site as well.  Leagues in violation of this rule forfeit the right to any prizes